In collaboration with Ubisoft Massive, based in Malmö, Sweden, I worked on Tom Clancy’s The Division which was built in the Snowdrop Engine. I was the architect of the Loot system; the core reward and progression loop feeding the entire gameplay experience, as it was ingrained in just about every single game feature. I was responsible for its conception, iteration and balance throughout the majority of the project alongside a tight-knit feature team (including a Programmer, UX Designer and UI Artist).

We were also responsible for the visual representation and interaction behaviours of loot in all instances including drops, caches, vendors and the player inventory for consistency. I designed various gameplay concepts to improve comfort: displaying less information over range (dynamic detail), logic for managing conflicting interactions (interaction hierarchy), and providing the player with essential resources (smart loot) – all of which factored in networking, aesthetic and gameplay considerations. Most of which are now widely adopted behaviours in contemporary games but were both innovative and elegant at that time.

Due to Loot System supporting a vast number of other features alongside other designers both in Malmö and Newcastle, I also contributed towards 3Cs, weapons, skills, and talents. In addition, I was also involved in guiding the development of other features including AI Distribution, Status Effects, Gear, Consumables, Platform Features, Companion App and producing a Scope Poster to outline the project vision.