Driver: San Francisco, built within a proprietary engine, was my first opportunity in the games industry immediately after finishing from my university degree. Initially working alongside the environment art team, I was responsible for prop placement throughout the world which included ramps, traffic accidents and smashable objects. Following this, I was involved in optimising the world map mesh to seamlessly blend between the various viewpoint levels of the Shift mechanic, after which, I inherited and implemented a city-wide camera system which was used to support over 160 skill-based challenges called Dares.

After which point, I moved onto the design team and was involved in tuning core player abilities; the boost mechanic and progression upgrades, as well as enhancing the variety and viscelarity of collisions through force feedback, visuals effects, and slow motion. During this time, working alongside a level designer, I was also involved in balancing all of the chase missions and created several race activity routes following a milestone review of gameplay content. In addition, I also supported other aspects of the game including localisation strings, platform achievements, progression playthroughs, multiplayer balance, and smoke testing.

Following this project I was involved in the conception phase for a sequel, and prototyping ideas for a movie-licensed Kinect party game. Unfortunately, both of which never saw the light of day.