During my time in academia, I undertook a remote opportunity for Electronic Arts. I was initially responsible for feeding back on game features and providing insight into regional football teams as a Data Reviewer. Progressing onto a Data Editor role, I was responsible for reviewing feedback from others and incrementally tweaking live data on a regular basis prior to the game’s release, and continuing post-launch. Whilst initially overseeing Middlesbrough FC (having first hand knowledge as a season ticket holder), I later inherited Newcastle United, Sunderland, Hartlepool United, Leeds United, Hull City, and Everton.

This role involved maintaining the highest level of authenticity for the game, demanding that objectivity and clear justification was provided for all decisions made. Following attribute guidelines and supported by external data to justify changes, this filtered down into numerous tasks which included but were not limited to the following: balancing player values, setting team formations and tactics, defining AI behaviours, gathering reference imagery, defining player likenesses (as well as attire and celebrations), and updating other miscellaneous information such as the current manager, ground capacity, team sponsors, and kit layouts.